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Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment.

Simplification and efficiency. We have a single contact window in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The experience of different markets can be applied to each other. Through a shared method, efficiency and cost savings can be improved.

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Simplify the process of recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment


Simplified battery recycling

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Simplify recycling of packaging materials

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WEEE regulations are complex. Regulations may change from year to year, and recovery costs may change. If your company is preparing to expand in the pan-European region, these challenges are bound to increase.We can help you streamline your processes and increase your value in the process.

At every recycling stage of WEEE waste electronic motor equipment, we will assist you to simplify. We provide the best value recycling solutions to help you meet national standards.

ERP has an experienced operating team, a complete network of compliant waste disposal sites, and assists in the collection and treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

Our professional purchasing team will regularly survey the market to ensure that we are paying the recycling companies and logistics companies at the most cost-effective prices. Furthermore, we can continue to provide the most competitive prices to ERP members.